"purity ring"

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"Circle jerk"? That sounds as though it may be a synonym of "roun(d)
poun(d)," an um-game in which a bunch of guys sit in a circle and each
masturbates the guy to his left. The first one to ejaculate wins. (So
I've been told. An Army buddy said that playing this um-game was the
way in which he learned to masturbate.}


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> I was hoping a purity ring would be the opposite of a circle jerk.
> --Charlie
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> >America's latest "idol," Jordin Sparks, says she wears a "purity ring" because "true love waits."  Whatever. You can Google up a zillion exx., but the earliest on Usenet (other than a couple of marginally related senses) is from 1996.
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