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At 2:38 PM -0400 5/24/07, Wilson Gray wrote:
>"Circle jerk"? That sounds as though it may be a synonym of "roun(d)
>poun(d)," an um-game in which a bunch of guys sit in a circle and each
>masturbates the guy to his left. The first one to ejaculate wins. (So
>I've been told. An Army buddy said that playing this um-game was the
>way in which he learned to masturbate.}

I believe that the Hoyle's version of circle jerk calls for
um-self-expression, thus employing a related but not identical

I see (from the always unimpeachable wiki-source) that the purity
ring of TLW is a successor to the somewhat earlier "Silver Ring
Thing". As for True Love Waits itself, some empirical research
indicates that the True Love in question tends to be anatomically
rechanneled rather than truly waiting per se.


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>>I was hoping a purity ring would be the opposite of a circle jerk.
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>>>America's latest "idol," Jordin Sparks, says she wears a "purity
>>>ring" because "true love waits."  Whatever. You can Google up a
>>>zillion exx., but the earliest on Usenet (other than a couple of
>>>marginally related senses) is from 1996.
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