stereotypes about African-Americans

Darla Wells dlw3208 at LOUISIANA.EDU
Sun May 27 01:08:28 UTC 2007

I am looking for the source of the generalization about African-Americans
being afraid of dogs and the other one is the inner city cliche about the
young African-American male being an endangered species. The first one was
something people used to say in North Louisiana when I was growing up and I
have heard it since then in Texas and around the country. The second one I
first heard in the projects in San Bernardino, California. I have heard it all
over the place since then, but I never really heard where it originated
from--like a lot of folk sayings.

Google did not give me much on the dogs saying. For some reason I associate
Farrakhan with the "endangered species" saying.

At the Corner of Progress and Peril -
What does it mean to be a black man? Imagine three African American boys, ...
a 1985 panel discussion that called young black men "an endangered species," a ...
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