"googling" -- I didn't know

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Sun May 27 02:10:47 UTC 2007

Perhaps "google" and "googling" cannot be trademarked, due to prior use?

I attended a performance of Pinter's "No Man's Land" this week.  In
the first act, Spooner insinuates something about Hirst's wife
(exactly what Pinter intends is never clear) by asking if she was
good with legbreaks, offbreaks, and googling -- all references to
curving pitches in cricket.

google v. intr. Of the ball: to have a 'googly' break and swerve. Of
the bowler; to bowl a googly or googlies; also (trans.), to give a
googly break to (a ball). Hence "googler, a googly bowler.  1907-.

googly n. A ball which breaks from the off, though bowled with
apparent leg-break action.  1903-.


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