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I did an entry on "mixed bathing." See the bottom for contemporary opinions
of the term. People from other parts of the U.S. are not familiar with the
"mixed bathing" term as used in Texas.
 Entry from August 31, 2007
Mixed Bathing (Mixed Swimming)

"Mixed bathing" was a term used in England for both sexes swimming together.
In the 1890s, various groups wanted to outlaw "mixed bathing." In the 1920s,
there was a strong resistance to "mixed bathing" in many parts of Texas. The
term is mostly of historical interest today, but "mixed bathing" is still in
use in some places.

One source (directly below) claims that "mixed bathing" is used in East
Texas, and "mixed swimming" is used in West Texas.

Google Books<http://books.google.com/books?id=6Fy9YxOp8FEC&pg=PA200&dq=%22mixed+bathing%22+texas&ie=ISO-8859-1&sig=NpdMbYW8gLayXvqhiMsLEentRxo>
*Riding the Wind of God:*
*A Personal History of the Youth Revival Movement*
by Bruce McIver
Macon, GA: Smyth & Helwys Publishing, Inc.
Pg. 200
..."What about mixed bathing?" ("mixed bathing" in East Texas; "mixed
swimming" in West Texas!)...

7 September 1896, Minneapolis (MN) *Journal*, pg. 7:
Mixed bathing—that is, the propriety of men and women bathing together—and
whether husband and wife would not do better to take their vacations apart,
are two of the burning questions in England this summer.

4 September 1921, Dallas *Morning News*, part 1, pg. 1:
Ballinger, Texas, Sept. 3.—In its report here today the grand jury for the
fall term of court condemned bathing parties and warned mothers against
permitting their girls to go in bathing with boys. The grand jury said: "We
believe that if it is not stopped, or if these bathing parties are not
accompanied by the mothers of the girls, the grand jury will be called upon
to investigate some scandal or crime that could otherwise be averted." The
grand jury returned seven indictments for misdemeanors and five for

17 May 1923, Dallas *Morning News*, part 1, pg. 3:
FLOYDADA, Texas, May 16.—Sunday baseball, Sunday swimming pools and mixed
swimming parties every day in the week were almost unanimously condemned by
resolutions adopted at a mass meeting in Floydada in the courthouse at noon
Saturday by a crowd of business men and a number of women, estimated at
about 150.

Google Books<http://books.google.com/books?id=snULAAAAMAAJ&q=%22mixed+bathing%22+texas&dq=%22mixed+bathing%22+texas&ie=ISO-8859-1&pgis=1>
*Home to Texas*
by Stanley Walker
New York: Harper
Pg. 110:
...mixed bathing, which used to be one of Brother mcgee's pet hates.

22 February 1976, Dallas *Morning News*, "Reliving those great old days in
Texas" by Lee Milazzo, section G, pg. 12:
Besides the clear presentation of political matters, the author also
describes the social life of the region, most of which revolved around that
determinant, the Rio Grande. In fact, at one point, a decree had to be
issued against mixed bathing, as this mingling caused "the gravest scandals
and offenses to God." Solution? Women in the morning, and men in the

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For example, when I went to the world's largest Baptist university back in
the 1950s, people argued endlessly about such trivia as whether the bible
allows "mixed-bathing" (I was not from Texas but from Alabama, where they
phrase implied a bath tub!), ...

IIIM Magazine<>
IIIM Magazine Online, Volume 3, Number 23, June 4 to June 10, 2001
One of the taboos of fundamentalists in the deep South is mixed bathing. My
wife and I, being from California, make no issue over members of the
opposite sex swimming in the same pool or at the same beach. But when we
went to Texas, we heard that "mixed bathing" was not permitted in some
circles. My wife blushed and said to me, "Honey, I m opposed to mixed
bathing too. Tell me, why would two people of the opposite sex want to take
a bath together? I think that is indecent." When we found out that "mixed
bathing" meant "mixed swimming," we had a good laugh. It never occurred to
us that someone might believe mixed swimming to be wrong.

What we mean by "sin" and
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Subject: What we mean by "sin" and "sins"
From: Louie Crew
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"mixed bathing" (a Texas phrase that referred to swimming, not taking a

Petaluma Valley Baptist
*Unity in Diversity*
*Romans 14:1-23*
November 7, 2004
Pastor Tom Marcum

Last Sunday I told you that I went through an extended period of culture
shock when I moved to Texas to go seminary nearly 29 years ago.  In fact, my
culture shock lasted the entire 13 years that I lived in Texas.

One of my first experiences with culture shock occurred during an interview
that I had with a small, country church seeking someone to lead their music
and youth ministries.  I sensed that the interview had gone very well, but
just before it came to a close Elmo threw me a curve ball by asking, "Tom,
what do you think about mixed bathing?"

"Mixed bathing." I had literally no clue what he was talking about, but as I
looked at the faces of the committee members I could clearly see that they
thought it was a very bad thing, indeed.  So, in a burst of bad judgment,
weak character and immaturity I cautiously replied, "Well, I'm against it."
And, with that, the committee members let out a collective sigh of relief
and offered me the position.  And shortly thereafter I discovered that I had
just taken a bold stand against boys and girls swimming together.

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