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>From Joseph Scott's _The New and Universal Gazetteer; or, Modern
Geographical Dictionary_, Vol. III [this volume published in 1800], no page
number;  Philadelphia:  Frances & Robert Bailey, 1799-1800; Early American
Imprints, Series I.  Full citation below.]

The Water-works of Philadelphia, differ from those of London, Paris,
New-York, and many other cities, in as much as they are not the property of
a private company, for private emolument.  Every street will be supplied by
public fountains, or hydrants, to which every citizen has admittance, and
which are so constructed as to water the streets as often as necessary; at
the same time, private houses, on paying an annual rent to the corporate
treasury, in proportion to their consumption, may be supplied to their
highest stories.


The new and universal gazetteer; or, Modern geographical dictionary.
Containing a full and authentic description of the different empires,
kingdoms, republics, states, provinces, islands, cities, towns, forts,
mountains, caves, capes, canals, rivers, lakes, oceans, seas, bays,
harbours, &c. in the known world; the government, customs, manners, and
religion of the inhabitants; the situation, extent, boundaries,
subdivisions, climate, soil, natural productions, and curiosities of each
country; the manufactures and trade of the cities and towns; their
longitudes from the meridian of Philadelphia; their latitudes; the sieges
they have undergone, and the battles fought near them. Including the new
political divisions of Europe, and several hundred places in the United
States of America never before published. ... To which is added, a new and
easy introduction to geography and astronomy; with a nomenclature,
explaining the essential terms in each science. Illustrated with twenty-five
maps, an armillary sphere, and several diagrams. By Joseph Scott. In four
volumes. Vol. I[-IV].

Philadelphia: Printed by Francis & Robert Bailey, at Yorick's-Head, no. 116,
High-Street., 1799[-1800].

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