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Hey Larry

Is "episodic whenever" your term?  I wouldn't use
because it encompasses a range of non-requentative
occurrences, some of the instantaneous but other of
very long durational.  Of course, some are ambiguous
between frequentative, which I think causes a fair
number of them to be clamouflaged.


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> At 11:46 PM -0400 9/1/07, Alice Faber wrote:
> >Laurence Horn wrote:
> >>>Laurence Horn wrote:
> >>>>Just listening to Red Sox 22-year-old rookie
> "phenom" [that's
> >>>>PHEE-nom] Clay Buchholz in his post-game
> interview after throwing a
> >>>>no-hitter in his second appearance in the major
> leagues.  He was
> >>>>asked about a great play behind him by second
> baseman Dustin Pedroia
> >>>>who took away what looked like a sure hit in the
> seventh inning and
> >>>>he responded along the lines of
> >>>>
> >>>>"Yeah, whenever he made that play I knew I had a
> shot [at the no-hitter]."
> >>>>
> >>>>Not surprisingly, he sounds Southern (to me),
> and sure enough his bio
> >>>>lists him as born in Nedarland, TX and as having
> attended Angelina lived also in Texas.
> >>>>
> >>>>I've read about (and even written about)
> episodic "whatever", but
> >>>>I've never actually heard one live as far as I
> can remember.  Pretty
> >>>>neat!
> >>>
> >>>He had several of them, along with a few more
> normative "whatever"s.
> >>>
> >>Alice, do you remember the syntactic context
> better than I do?  I was
> >>so overwhelmed between the no-no and the episodic
> "whatever" that I
> >>didn't really catch them, except for (sort of) the
> one about the play
> >>when Tejada was robbed.  And I don't think any
> transcripts are
> >>provided of post-game interviews (and even if they
> were, they'd probably be "corrected").
> >>
> >The normative one was something like "whenever it's
> hit at Coco [Crisp], he gets it".
> >
> >The video of most of Buchholz' post-game remarks is
> up at
> >I caught three "whenevers" in the 4 minute
> sequence. Two are clearly
> >episodic, and one is ambiguous.
> OK, thanks very much for the pointer.  For the
> record, here's my
> transcription of the segment in which the two
> episodic "whenever"s
> occur, both in relation to the same play (Buchholz
> tried to stab
> Miguel Tejada's shot up the middle and couldn't, but
> Pedroia caught
> it making full extension, turned, and nabbed Tejada
> at first).  It
> starts at around 0:52 of the clip at the site Alice
> mentions.
> =====================
> Yeah I mean when...whenever I jumped up and missed
> that ball, I was
> thinking to myself "It's over" and then he comes out
> of nowhere and
> that's one of the best plays I've ever seen in ten
> years, anywhere,
> and whenever he made that play I knew something,
> something was meant
> to happen tonight.
> ======================
> The "correction" of "when" to "whenever" at the
> start is particularly striking to me.
> LH
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