Texas lawyer jokes (three kick rule; skid marks)

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First heard it in the early 80s in Washington state, referring to Oregon
smears, distinguishing coyotes and Rajneeshees.
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>The only one of these I've heard is the one about the skid marks,
>though when I heard it, it was a "dead skunk" in the road and not
>associated with Texas.At about the same time I heard, "How can you
>tell when a lawyer is lying? His lips are moving."
>   That was long ago, maybe the late '80s, but I wouldn't want to
> swear to it. Certainly before 1997.

Me too. Except I can't remember what animal it was on the road the
first time (I've heard it with different ones, never armadillo though).

I like the one about the lips moving. I've heard it with "politician" too.

-- Doug Wilson

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