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1858 (Gale US 19th C newspapers)
The New York Herald, (New York, NY) Thursday, June 17, 1858; pg. 2; col B
     Trial of Patrick Lally Kings County Court of Oyer and Terminer
Category: News
...when Lally said "Let's have a fight," I said "Don't;" I thought they were
going to have some kind of a "jamboree." (Laughter.)

others, in case useful for origin:

1862 North American and United States Gazette, (Philadelphia, PA) Thursday,
April 10, 1862; Issue 26,038; p.1 col C    Book Notices
On the book The Law and Practice of the Game of Euchre, By a Professor...
...also, a notice of those recent additions in the game known to the initiated
as "lap, slam, jambone and jamboree;" also...

1868 he Daily Cleveland Herald, (Cleveland, OH) Thursday, June 11, 1868; Issue
140; p.1 col B     News of the Day
On Wednesday of every week there was a regulat "jamboree" at the Almshouse,
where diners and liquors were provided for the peculiar friends of the
Superintendants, who got drunk and quarrelled...

(Sabin Americana:)
Putnam's Magazine Original papers on literature, science, art, and national
interests. New Series, first volume, January-June, 1868. New York, 1868. 792pp.
January p70
The company's coming, and, hey! but we'll have a staving jamboree!

 Pomeroy, Mark M. (Mark Mills). Brick-dust : a remedy for the blues, and a
something for people to talk about.  New York; London, 1871. 265pp.
page header: In Boston at the Peace Banjoree [sic]
 p. 127 But then we saw the Peace Jamboree, and we heard the music. And such
131 ...the Peace Jamboree

Stephen Goranson
The company's coming, and, hey! but we'll have a staving jamboree!

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