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A bunch of words with phonetic "mst" in them (as pronounced ~mst)

tradspel - truespel

Armstrong       Aarmstraung
brimstone       brimstoen
circumstance    serkumstants
circumstantial  serkumsttanchool
drumstick       drumstik
dumbstruck      dumstruk
farmstead       faarmsted
filmstrip       filmstrip
gamester        gaemster
gemstone        jemstoen
hamster hamster
hamstrings      hamstreengz
hemstitch       hemstich
homestead       hoemsted
homestretch     hoemstrech
limestones      liemstoenz
seamstress      seemstris
teamster        teemster
tombstone       tuemstoen

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>At 9/13/2007 09:17 AM, Dennis R. Preston wrote:
> >Betcha can't get four. Even English speakers have /str/ (although
> >admittedly not /mst/).
>The OED tells me English has many /mst/ -- e.g. circumstance.  And
>how about 5?  arm-strong.
>And -- at least in transliteration -- doesn't Russian have
>/shch/?  (Which probably doesn't count as four consonants phonetically.)
>When I attempted to audit an elementary Russian course in graduate
>school, one of the first pronunciation exercises included (something
>like) v'Krimu (in the Crimea?).  I gave up.
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