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At 9/13/2007 07:55 PM, Gerald Cohen wrote:
>The explanation I was once given is that it's inappropriate to spell
>out the entire word, since the piece of paper it's written on might
>later be thrown away or otherwise destroyed. And that would be disrespectful.
>Gerald Cohen

_The Jewish Book of Why_ says it comes from the 3rd commandment, and
then asks "But what is God's name?"  Yehova is never to be pronounced
(except by the High Priest when officiating at Yom Kippur) or written
out.  Adonai is only to be spoken in prayer.

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>I still have an occasional Jewish student who will write the word
>"God" as "G-d."  As if "God" is really the unutterable and
>unwritabale NAME, when H- said H-s name is "- -m" . . .

  _Why_ continues:

"In the last few decades [published 1981], a new practice has come
into vogue: that of not writing out in full the _English_ names "God"
or "Lord".  Most authorities consider this to be without foundation
and no more than a passing fad."


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