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Oh that's ok, Wilson. It's a problem for Russian as well.
Mark Bernes, the most famous performer of the song, made
it sound like unfathomable 'peresi' for the whole country.
And those who don't live in Odessa (like myself) hardly
ever know what 'moldavanka i peresi' mean and just don't
wonder. (Until a foreign linguist tries to banter back his
Russian proficiency reputation and they google the song ;)

'Miting' hasn't replaced 'vstrecha'. But again, I'm not
talking about old Slavonic roots. Besides, even 'fstr' is
more comfortable in sliding from the lips to the palate.
At least that's my native speaker's subjective sense, if
that counts to you. As I've said, it's not about the CC,

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> How about [fstr] in _vstrecha_? Or do _biznesmeny_
>prefer _miting_, nowadays?
> Sineet more za bul'varom
> Kashtan nad gorodom tsvetet
> Nash Konstantin beret gitaru
> I tikhim golosom poet:
> Ia vam ne skazhu za vsiu Odessu
> Vsia Odessa ochen' velika
> No i moldovanka i _peresyp_
> Obozhaiut Kostiu moriaka
> Chto znachit _peresyp_? It's not in Smirnitskii.
> -Wilson

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