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I was given the same advice. My instructors both pronounced it that way. One was a Serbian, the other a native of Moscow, born about 1900: she left Russia for the US in the 1930s. If the "shch" symbol was pronounced simply "sh" then why is there a separate symbol for it (as well as for "sh").
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One of my Russian profs very early on had a succinct explanation of the shch
pronunciation. He said it was the same as the sh-ch in fresh cherries. Very
easy to relate to.

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Isn't it the case that the Russo-Cyrillic letter transliterated as
"shch" [SC] is actually pronounced as "shhh" [S:]? At least, that's
the way that it was taught at the byvshaia Armeiskaia Shkola iazykov,
fifty years ago. Darya?


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> I can't write cyrrilic here, I think, but I looked it up and 'beet soup'
> phonetically [borStS] -- spelled with the symbols corresponding to
> represented in English by "b" "o" "r" "sh" (as in English "mash" =3D --S)
> d "ch"=20
> (as in English "match" =3D --tS).=20
> Maybe we are just analyzing the final [tS] differently, i.e., an
> consists of a stop + fricative. It is still "sibilant", n'est-ce pas?
> > Nope; no final sibilant in Russian, and in Polish is just ends in
> > three consonants=A0 - barszcz /rSC/.
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> > dInIs
> >=20
> > PS: Ron, good try for a non-Slav.
> >=20
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