sore grapes (UNCLASSIFIED)

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Mon Sep 24 18:39:44 UTC 2007

At 11:38 AM -0500 9/24/07, Mullins, Bill AMRDEC wrote:
>Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED
>Caveats: NONE
>Over the weekend my wife and were discussing something, and didn't
>agree.  She said "Don't get all sore grapes about it."  She immediately
>recognized that she had misspoke, so I'm not sure this is a classical
>eggcorn.  But "sore grapes" is easily found by Google, and many of the
>references seem to be intentional.

Lots of "sour loser"s too.  There even a (self-conscious, to be sure)
"sour loser soregraping".


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