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On 9/25/07, Wilson Gray <hwgray at> wrote:
> That I pretty much got. What I don't get is how weed *without* cocaine
> is the opposite of weed *with* cocaine, which is what the examples
> appear to say, IMO, as opposed to merely different from it. Cocaine
> can be added to any kind of smoke, whether it be stems-&-seeds or
> pure-de skunk bud.

I figured it was just a distinction between the product's purity
("crip(py)") and impurity ("dirty").

Let's see what the experts have to say about "crip(py)":

Amsterdam Knowledge Base
What is CRIPPY?
Is an american slang term. Its basically any weed that is green, with
red hair, no seeds and crystals. Old schoolers would call it "sensi"
Mainly this term insinuates high quality cannabis. Crippy is slang for
the word cripple. I suppose if you smoke crippy, youll be crippled.
Thats about it though. Crippy can be any strain. If its green, has red
hair, and maybe even some crystals, then it is "crippy" Its one step
more specific than "pot", at least where I live. We have regs, or
"regulars" which is commercial brick weed, mids, or mid grade, and
then "crippies". More often than not mids are sold to uneducated
smokers as crippies.
Its a grade of quality. Not a strain.
Almost all weed at a dutch coffeeshop would be sold in the USA as "crippie"
Much of the higher quality cannabis is not identified by strain.
You to your weed dealer - "Hey man got any crips?" (meaning good weed)
Your weed dealer to you- "no man, all I have is regs" (meaning mexican
columbian or jamaican commercial brick weed, traditional pot")
You to your dealer - "I liked those last crippies you had, you know,
the purps!?"
Your Dealer to You- "when I get more purps I will call you"
You to your Dealer - "Thank you. In the meantime, im going to
Amsterdam to smoke some crippies and hash!"
Now there was "the chronic" That was rumored to be distributed by an
LA street gang called "the Crips" that has nothing to do with this. I
believe I have seen "The Chronic" at Willie Wortels, so "The Crips
gang" must have some far reaching connections!
Crippy is an industry term for bud with decent crystalization on it.
Crip is short for crystalized. I don't know if it has anything to do
with the crip gang, my guess is no. All I know is that I'd alot rather
have crip weed than blood weed. Lol.

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