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Yes, that's certainly a reasonable interpretation, though the long
form in The World appears to be "cripty" and not "crippy."


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> > That I pretty much got. What I don't get is how weed *without* cocaine
> > is the opposite of weed *with* cocaine, which is what the examples
> > appear to say, IMO, as opposed to merely different from it. Cocaine
> > can be added to any kind of smoke, whether it be stems-&-seeds or
> > pure-de skunk bud.
> I figured it was just a distinction between the product's purity
> ("crip(py)") and impurity ("dirty").
> Let's see what the experts have to say about "crip(py)":
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> Amsterdam Knowledge Base
> What is CRIPPY?
> [...]
> Is an american slang term. Its basically any weed that is green, with
> red hair, no seeds and crystals. Old schoolers would call it "sensi"
> Mainly this term insinuates high quality cannabis. Crippy is slang for
> the word cripple. I suppose if you smoke crippy, youll be crippled.
> Thats about it though. Crippy can be any strain. If its green, has red
> hair, and maybe even some crystals, then it is "crippy" Its one step
> more specific than "pot", at least where I live. We have regs, or
> "regulars" which is commercial brick weed, mids, or mid grade, and
> then "crippies". More often than not mids are sold to uneducated
> smokers as crippies.
> [...]
> Its a grade of quality. Not a strain.
> Almost all weed at a dutch coffeeshop would be sold in the USA as "crippie"
> Much of the higher quality cannabis is not identified by strain.
> You to your weed dealer - "Hey man got any crips?" (meaning good weed)
> Your weed dealer to you- "no man, all I have is regs" (meaning mexican
> columbian or jamaican commercial brick weed, traditional pot")
> You to your dealer - "I liked those last crippies you had, you know,
> the purps!?"
> Your Dealer to You- "when I get more purps I will call you"
> You to your Dealer - "Thank you. In the meantime, im going to
> Amsterdam to smoke some crippies and hash!"
> Now there was "the chronic" That was rumored to be distributed by an
> LA street gang called "the Crips" that has nothing to do with this. I
> believe I have seen "The Chronic" at Willie Wortels, so "The Crips
> gang" must have some far reaching connections!
> [...]
> Crippy is an industry term for bud with decent crystalization on it.
> Crip is short for crystalized. I don't know if it has anything to do
> with the crip gang, my guess is no. All I know is that I'd alot rather
> have crip weed than blood weed. Lol.
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