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Whoa! that's way colorful, Bill! I've been familiar heretofore with
only a minor variation of Larry's version: "Don't let your mouth write
a check that your asshole can't cash!" As for the greeting, "How's
your ass?" I had no idea that it went back to 1960, in print. In fact,
I didn't even meet the, so far, only person that I've ever heard use
it until 1972 and we didn't become friends till 1973 and he didn't get
into the habit of saying to me till some years after that! I even
thought that he had originated it! You never know.


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> And "Don't let your alligator mouth start something your hummingbird ass
> can't finish."
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> > ...and a very rich entry, or set of entries, it is.  I was
> > just thinking of "Don't let your mouth write a check your ass
> > can't cash", and that's in there with a couple of hits, under
> > the 'ability and determination' entry.  Wilson's friend's
> > greeting ("How's your ass?") makes an appearance too, from
> > 1960 ("usu. considered vulgar"--like virtually every other
> > entry for _ass_, curiously enough!).
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> > LH
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