"Spanjo" sandwich from Ann Arbor, MI now in NYC

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Sat Sep 29 00:40:04 UTC 2007

I was reading today in Gothamist.com about a sandwich shop in NYC that
offers the "spanjo" sandwich. It's spreading outside of Ann Arbor!
(Too bad the Wikipedia entry was deleted last year becuase the
sandwich wasn't popular enough.)
September 28, 2007
Camera in the Kitchen: Papa Lima Sandwich Shop
Papa Lima sandwich shop is located at 362 Bedford Ave (at S. 4th).
718.218.7720. Open daily, 9 a.m. - 11p.m.
#14 the spanjo
cream cheese, melted cheddar, spliced apple, and sprouts on wheat
Spanjo  16 up, 2 down

The best sandwich ever made. It was invented in Ann Arbor, MI at the
Halfass (.5ass) it consists of Wheat Bread, Cream Cheese, Swiss
Cheese, and Sauteed Apple. It be goddamn good. Although its history is
blurry, it is commonly credited as a creation of God, who worked at
the Halfass from '71-'73.

Ricky: Yo dogge, what you munchin'?
Shane: I got me one of dem' Spanjos!
Ricky: Shit son, them shits is crazy good.
Shane: Yeah man, I get two every day.

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by RobLinn Detroit, MI Oct 22, 2006
The Halfass
>From The Language Lunch
The Halfway Inn, a.k.a. The Halfass, is East Quad's residential dining
establishment. The employees traditionally play very loud music and
scream your name at the top of their lungs when your food is ready.
The Halfass is famous for its excellent falafel sandwiches and the
Spanjo (sauteed apples, Swiss cheese, and cream cheese on toasted
bread). EQ Music Co-op hosts shows in the Halfass after closing
throughout the school year.
Posted 24/08/2003 19:59
once upon a time, elena and i used to hang out in a quirky little
place dubbed the "madrigal lounge". years later, i would risk
unemployment and sneak handfulls of extra tater tots with her spanjo
sandwich (and maybe even a snapple). and if it weren't for my opposing
genetic disposition, i would've tried to make out with her in
the courtyard long long ago.
Multiple votes from one user? That's a no-no... --Kinu t/c 18:02, 9
March 2006 (UTC)
KEEP!!! The Spanjo is how I met my husband. You see, I was at the
Halfass, trying to decide which sandwich to order, when the guy in
front of me ordered a Spanjo. I was thinking about trying the Spanjo
myself, but as a poor college student, I was reluctant to spend my
money on a sandwich I might not like. I asked the guy in front of me
how the Spanjo was, and with his encouragement, I took the plunge. We
ended up eating our Spanjos together that afternoon, and 5 years later
we got married (and for the record, we had mini Spanjos during the
cocktail hour). Every year, we return to Michigan for a football game,
and on these trips we are sure to visit the Halfass for a Spanjo at
least one time (they still make the sandwich, even though it is not on
the official menu). Go Blue! (talk • contribs)
Hi brad, jeff and dan. I whole heartedly endorse Palio's. At least, I
was pretty fond of it when in college and looking for relatively
affordable ways to splurge. And the half-ass spanjo. Ach, that was a
delicious sandwich of tasty goodness. Grilled cheese, cream cheese,
apples and sprouts. Yum.
-- sisut, Friday, 20 April 2007 18:37 (4 months ago) Link

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