"Spanjo" sandwich from Ann Arbor, MI now in NYC

Paul Johnston paul.johnston at WMICH.EDU
Sun Sep 30 19:55:23 UTC 2007

I don't remember God working at the Halfass (also known as the
Halfway Inn, East Quad) from 1971-1973, though I do remember a guy
who called himself Michael the Messiah hanging around there.  The
Spanjo I think dates from just a little later.  It was there when I
returned on a visit in 1982.

Paul Johnston
Residential College, East Quad, U of M 1968-72.

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> I was reading today in Gothamist.com about a sandwich shop in NYC that
> offers the "spanjo" sandwich. It's spreading outside of Ann Arbor!
> (Too bad the Wikipedia entry was deleted last year becuase the
> sandwich wasn't popular enough.)
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> http://gothamist.com/2007/09/28/camera_in_the_k_82.php
> September 28, 2007
> Camera in the Kitchen: Papa Lima Sandwich Shop
> (...)
> Papa Lima sandwich shop is located at 362 Bedford Ave (at S. 4th).
> 718.218.7720. Open daily, 9 a.m. - 11p.m.
> ...
> ...
> http://www.papalimasandwich.com/papa_lima_menu.pdf
> #14 the spanjo
> cream cheese, melted cheddar, spliced apple, and sprouts on wheat
> $5.95
> ...
> ...
> http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Spanjo
> Spanjo  16 up, 2 down
> The best sandwich ever made. It was invented in Ann Arbor, MI at the
> Halfass (.5ass) it consists of Wheat Bread, Cream Cheese, Swiss
> Cheese, and Sauteed Apple. It be goddamn good. Although its history is
> blurry, it is commonly credited as a creation of God, who worked at
> the Halfass from '71-'73.
> Ricky: Yo dogge, what you munchin'?
> Shane: I got me one of dem' Spanjos!
> Ricky: Shit son, them shits is crazy good.
> Shane: Yeah man, I get two every day.
> tags good ann arbor halfass apple richard meade delicious shane
> by RobLinn Detroit, MI Oct 22, 2006
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> http://rc.manyissues.org/index.php?title=The_Halfass
> The Halfass
> From The Language Lunch
> The Halfway Inn, a.k.a. The Halfass, is East Quad's residential dining
> establishment. The employees traditionally play very loud music and
> scream your name at the top of their lungs when your food is ready.
> The Halfass is famous for its excellent falafel sandwiches and the
> Spanjo (sauteed apples, Swiss cheese, and cream cheese on toasted
> bread). EQ Music Co-op hosts shows in the Halfass after closing
> throughout the school year.
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> http://profiles.friendster.com/167550
> Mark
> Posted 24/08/2003 19:59
> once upon a time, elena and i used to hang out in a quirky little
> place dubbed the "madrigal lounge". years later, i would risk
> unemployment and sneak handfulls of extra tater tots with her spanjo
> sandwich (and maybe even a snapple). and if it weren't for my opposing
> genetic disposition, i would've tried to make out with her in
> the courtyard long long ago.
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> Multiple votes from one user? That's a no-no... --Kinu t/c 18:02, 9
> March 2006 (UTC)
> KEEP!!! The Spanjo is how I met my husband. You see, I was at the
> Halfass, trying to decide which sandwich to order, when the guy in
> front of me ordered a Spanjo. I was thinking about trying the Spanjo
> myself, but as a poor college student, I was reluctant to spend my
> money on a sandwich I might not like. I asked the guy in front of me
> how the Spanjo was, and with his encouragement, I took the plunge. We
> ended up eating our Spanjos together that afternoon, and 5 years later
> we got married (and for the record, we had mini Spanjos during the
> cocktail hour). Every year, we return to Michigan for a football game,
> and on these trips we are sure to visit the Halfass for a Spanjo at
> least one time (they still make the sandwich, even though it is not on
> the official menu). Go Blue! (talk • contribs)
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> http://www.ilxor.com/ILX/ThreadSelectedControllerServlet?
> boardid=40&threadid=53284
> Hi brad, jeff and dan. I whole heartedly endorse Palio's. At least, I
> was pretty fond of it when in college and looking for relatively
> affordable ways to splurge. And the half-ass spanjo. Ach, that was a
> delicious sandwich of tasty goodness. Grilled cheese, cream cheese,
> apples and sprouts. Yum.
> -- sisut, Friday, 20 April 2007 18:37 (4 months ago) Link
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