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Australian Govt to Review Fighter Jet Order Program
Dow Jones Newswires
December 30, 2007

SYDNEY -- <snip> ...criticism for the decision, which was made without cooperation from Australia's defense chiefs or the undertaking of long due diligence and comparative analysis.

<snip> "Few decisions of the Howard government were more controversial than its commitment to spend more than A$6 billion on 24 Super Hornets without proper due process or capability justification," [Defense Minister Joel] Fitzgibbon wrote, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

"long due diligence" appears, to me, to mean "long-overdue due diligence".
Note that the last paragraph quoted above properly reads "proper due process".

Also overheard today:

"You've hit the nail on the nose"

[about someone who had had leukemia] "He hasn't been out of remission for five years."

"[the software package] will use a random algorithm"  (from someone who also thought "persist" to be a transitive verb).

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