Query or Quibble?

Geraldine Hizer Urqu at AOL.COM
Sun Jan 6 03:33:39 UTC 2008

...I have been a 'closet etymologist' for most of my life (probably since I
learned those black squiggles had meaning).
Today I became aware that there is a 'dialectic' society - apparently, one
doesn't learn a lot in a closet.
Your LIST was made public today, and I wondered if possibly the networks
have mangled one of your choices for Word of the Year.
Specifically, ''googledanger'' - (that is the spelling that appeared on the
screen in the news byte) seems to be not only the best of the four chosen,
deserving of first place, but if your intent is a play on the word
"doppelganger", as I immediately gathered from the meaning as explained by that  network
spokesman: another person of same name when you 'google' your own, then
'googledanger' is wrong. Right? Tell me he misspoke, or his prompter  misunderstood,
Any light one of you might shed on the word as quoted will be greatly
Perhaps I should have consulted my German-speaking son (a linguist) before  I
wrote, to see if the German word is actually doppeldanger (a double)  and I
have been under a misapprehension all these years.
In that case, my face is red.
But at least I learned of your very prestigious origins, and that your
society is extant.
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