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At 4:31 PM -0500 1/10/08, Benjamin Zimmer wrote:
>The verb "reband" (unknown to the dictionaries) frequently shows up in
>online histories of music groups, meaning 'reunite after

No doubt, as you suggest below, facilitated by
the dual interpretive possibilities of "disband".
As it happens, there's another possible
interpretation here for bilinguals--"bander" is
the French verb for 'to get an erection', so
predictably (as a quick google search on "je
rebande" or "j'ai rebandé" will confirm),
"rebande" has the compositional sense 'get an
erection again (after an interval)', or
're-erect'.   The metaphorical possibilities are


>They continually changed line-up, disbanded and rebanded but finally
>stopped performing in 2005.
>While Eef Barzelay plays solo gigs, disbands,
>and rebands, Clem Snide persists.
>Alan McLeod moved to Vancouver to play with the Paperboys, who have
>also since disbanded (and maybe rebanded again, from recent reports).
>He is also a member of Frost, a progressive group formed and
>disbanded, rebanded, disbanded and re re banded in 2007 by the
>songwriter/producer Jem Godfrey.
>Uriah Heep may have disbanded and rebanded a time or two very briefly,
>but they've periodically been releasing new albums for 30+ years.
>The "disband"/"reband" pair makes the most sense in relation to
>musical bands (suggesting a crypto-eggcornic reading of "disband"),
>but it occasionally appears in non-musical contexts as well:
>The homeless tent city disbanded - only to reband.
>South Omaha activist Virgil Armandirez has repeatedly voiced his
>disdain for the disbanding of the Metro Unit. A local businessman and
>hispanic activist, Armandirez has
>called for the rebanding and deployment of the Metro Unit to protect
>the citizens of South and North Omaha.
>But before I ever came up with one, the Board was disbanded. I
>remember being pretty disappointed - and then thrilled when it was
>"rebanded" a short time later.
>--Ben Zimmer
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