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In 2003, U.S Route 666, from Gallup NM to Monticello
UT, was recommissioned as U.S. Route 491.  It had been
nicknamed the Devils Highway, and association with the
Number of the Beast was cited as the main reason
locals pushed for the change (although I think the
feds found a justification for the change that was not
associated with religion).

--- James Harbeck <jharbeck at SYMPATICO.CA> wrote:

> Huh. 666 was a common prefix in Somerville, Mass.,
> when I was at
> Tufts. I suspect it still is. Some people I spoke to
> there didn't
> even make the association with the number of the
> beast (common error:
> people say it's the number of the Devil, or of the
> Antichrist, but
> actually it's the beast -- in fact, the second of
> two beasts
> mentioned by the book; they work in concert).
> James Harbeck.
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