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Every time I see the subject line for this thread I think "Dictionary
Piece of Shit".

In the first Men In Black movie, I think Will Smith refers to Tommy Lee
Jones' car as something like a "1985 Ford POS".

In some restaurants, there is a machine in the corner at which your
server will enter your order, and then close it out with the credit card
at the end of the meal.  They are called "Point of Sale" machines.  I
got a strange look from a waitress once when I started laughing after
she referred to problems with the "POS machine".

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> I was in a huge supermarket yesterday and as I passed the
> book section I picked up a copy of the 3rd edition
> (English/Chinese) of the Oxford Intermediate Learner's
> Dictionary (June 2006) and looked up "some".
> Determiner/pronoun.
> Ironic, given my question two days ago.  But inspiring.  I
> guess OUP is paving the way.
> Jonathan Lighter take note.  ; )
> Randy Alexander
> Jilin City, China
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