"intelligence office", 1768

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Boston Gazette, published as The Boston Gazette, and Country Journal;
Date: 07-25-1768; Issue: 695; Page: [3/2].  EAN.

There is now opened ... an Intelligence Office.---If any Merchants,
Masters of Vessels or others, have got any Sort of Merchandize Goods
... Negroes or Servants, to sell cheap for Cash, or any ...Houses,
Lands, Shops, Rooms or Lodgings to Let, by entering them in this
Office, payint Two Shillings Lawful, may soon be inform'd of
Purchasers, Charters, or Hireers; [sic] and those that wants to
Purchase, Charter or Hire any of the above, shall be inform'd graits
where, if any, be enter'd in the Office.  [Continues with other
services offered: arranging loans, connecting journeymen and masters
or masters and servants.  He also offers to sell "Choice good and
fine Bottle Beer brewed in this Province".]

interdates OED2  1692 - 1856

[Many other 18th-century instances, including one earlier, in the
York Mercury, published as The New-York Mercury; Date: 01-09-1764;
Issue: 637; Page: [2]; Location: New York, New York. Headline:
London, October 27.]


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