Laws and Sausage

David Sarokin sarokin at GMAIL.COM
Sat Jan 12 22:49:56 UTC 2008

As to the Law and Sausages query, the earliest mention I can find of it dates back to an 1891 article in the Washington Post.  No mention of Bismarck, although (coincidentally?), the setting is US-German honorary dinner, and is during Bismarck's time.

  A speaker, one Police Commisioner Ross (presumably of Washington DC), offered up the following:

  "My friends, laws are like sausages.  The less you know of how they are made the more respect you have for them."

  The Commissioner even lived adjacent to a sausage factory, so he knew whereof he spoke.

  The article, appropriately enough, is titled "Law and the Sausage".


  P.S. And my apologies (once again) if this is posted incorrectly.  Why you folks use list-serves to communicate is a bit of mystery, unless you're organizationally intent on general obfuscation.

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