"tarriwag", 1784

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Tue Jan 22 21:22:19 UTC 2008

I have "tarriwags" in 1784, clearly = testicles.  Context available
upon request.

Apparently well known (Farmer, Partridge), and in the singular =
penis.  But it's not in OED2, and I find few datings (and merely a
half-dozen hits) via Google.  "Unprintable Ozark Folksongs and
Folklore" (Vance Randolph, 1992), claims "used by John Taylor 'The
Water-Poet' about 1615, and in Grose's Classical Dictionary of the
Vulgar Tongue (1785)."

What dates do the authorities have for quotations?


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