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FWIW, the literature probably would have BATF origins - they were using the
term in the mid 90s specifically in disabling explosive devices by an
explosively fired water jet.  I've seen it done, but not seen it written.
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This didn't sound too unusual to me.  But I searched through Newsbank's
"Armed Services and Government News" and "Military Periodicals" and got
nothing similar.

No "Disrupt" AND IED/Bomb/EOD.

No "Disrupt the vehicle/bomb/device/IED".

I'd have thought something would have come up.

> [mailto:ADS-L at LISTSERV.UGA.EDU] On Behalf Of Jonathan Lighter
> The D.C. police are at the moment employing a bomb-squad
> robot called "Robocop" (maybe a trademark?) to investigate a
> suspicious vehicle. The police spokesperson is describing the
>   procedure, which includes knocking out a window with a
> robotic arm, as "disrupting the vehicle."  She says too that,
> once it had broken its way inside, the robot could fire a
> stream of water "to further disrupt the vehicle."
>   I'd have said "neutralize," but "disrupt" seems to be the
> term of art.

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