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Isn't this a bit circular?

The only people who should be polled on the question "is "Democrat
Party" an insult?" are Democrats, and unless you think "Democrat Party"
is an insult, you aren't really a Democrat. . . .

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> Of course it depends on what you mean by "Democrat," i.e.,
> what kind of survey methodology you use. If you poll all the
> delegates to the upcoming
> convention, you are surely wrong. If you poll all the
> Democrats   who have ever been
> elected to public office, you are surely wrong. If you poll
> all the Democrats who attended to all of the 2008 state
> conventions, you are surely wrong. Even if you poll all the
> Americans who are registered Democrats in their states, you
> are surely wrong. A true Democrat who has spent any time at
> all watching current events would surely know that "Democrat
> Party" is a deliberate insult used almost totally by
> political hacks playing childish morphological games.
> Maybe if you poll a few 18-year-old Obama supporters at
> Central Florida University you might find some who are
> unaware of the status of the deletion of the {-ic} morpheme
> before the word "Party."
> The point is this: anybody who considers herself a Democrat
> is not going to be receptive to a term that is a deliberate
> insult. It is common knowledge that "Democrat Party" is a
> derogatory usage. Ergo, ...
> In a message dated 6/2/08 8:01:46 AM, db.list at PMPKN.NET writes:
> > In any event, though, i still sincerely doubt that the vast
> majority
> > of Democrats actually care either way whether the party is
> called the
> > Democrat or the Democratic Party.
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