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In a message dated 6/2/08 1:02:52 PM, Bill.Mullins at US.ARMY.MIL writes:

> The only people who should be polled on the question "is "Democrat
> Party" an insult?" are Democrats, and unless you think "Democrat Party"
> is an insult, you aren't really a Democrat. . .

Uhm, no, not circular, because that is not what I said. I said, (1) first
define "real Democrats" (which David did not do). Then (2) poll them. I offered
some categories of putative "real Democrats" (delegates, caucus attenders,
...). My hypothesis is that the vast number will know that "Democrat party" is a
derogatory label. Of course, I didn't do the polling, either, but I thought
that asking for greater specificity and voicing a concrete hypothesis might at
least open things up for further discussion.

Go look at the Democratic Party web site. The official name of the party is
"The Democratic Party." The party chooses this term as its term of
self-reference. The party does NOT use "The Democrat Party." There is obviously a reason
why the party itself eschews the term. The reason is that it is well known that
this is a derogatory label.

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