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Wed Jun 4 19:57:41 UTC 2008

> > I didn't mean to single out sf. This is the genre in question here AND
> > it has many invented words, because so many of the settings are
> > invented. My comment
> >
> >     "Words that are used only in a single 'universe' of fiction do
> > not belong in a general dictionary, any more than their protagonists
> > belong in a biographical dictionary. Only if they catch on in wider
> > use do they become the business of the general lexicon"
> >
> > would apply equally to, let's say, a slang term for a weapon or
> > technique, invented by the author of a military or spy novel/series.

> I misunderstood your use of universe. I think you're referring to
> something as narrow as a one-off universe such as of one book written
> by one author and as broad as the Star Wars universe with many
> authors, many books and many movies. If so, that certainly makes
> sense. BB

Yes, that's what I meant, not a genre. The sense is common in sf
fandom, but I shouldn't've assumed general understanding. Sorry for
the confusion.

Mark Mandel

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