Bees do it: bilingual bees teach humans a lesson

sagehen sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM
Sun Jun 8 23:58:38 UTC 2008

.  Some
>>> think there's a lesson in this for people as well as bees: _if we could
>>> learn to speak each other's languages like the bees do, perhaps we'd
>>> get along better, too_.
> Now, there's a forlorn hope, if there ever was one! Don't we already
> speak and learn to speak one another's languages?
> -Wilson
Do we?  ISTM our legendary cultural & lingual insularity  is pretty well
matched by our arrogance & aggressiveness vis-a-vis Everybody Else.
You're a polymath, Wilson; didn't your language studies broaden your
sympathies? (I know, of course, that  a lot of language ed takes place under
the auspices of the mil establishment, but the  mil impulse was there

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