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Yes, as far as I'm concerned it was his victory speech.
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On 11/11/08, Joel S. Berson <Berson at att.net> wrote:
> Two questions from another political junkie who can't let go (see
> "Doonesbury"):
> Every commentator has referred to President-Elect Obama's election
> night speech, after it was clear he would receive a majority of the
> Electoral College votes, as his "acceptance speech".  But he wasn't
> offered anything Tuesday night, unlike his acceptance speech at the
> Democratic Party convention.
> Shouldn't a President-Elect's acceptance speech come only after the
> Electoral College has "met" and voted, Congress has certified the
> results, and the current Vice President offered him the
> presidency?  (I will enjoy reading about Cheney naming Obama
> president, if he chooses to preside over the joint session of Congress.)
> Joel
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