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>Announcing an upcoming AAS Regional Academic
>Seminar, sponsored by the American Antiquarian
>Society in conjunction with the history
>departments of Brown University, Clark
>University, and the University of Connecticut.
>On Tuesday, November 18, at 4:30 PM, Beth Barton
>Schweiger, an associate professor of history at
>the University of Arkansas and a current AAS-NEH fellow, will be presenting
>A social history of English grammar in the early united states
>Précis: This study recovers the importance of
>grammar and rhetoric to ordinary people in the
>early United States. Cheap and ubiquitous,
>English grammars and rhetorics remade Latin for
>a vernacular world; they were bearers of
>tradition in a revolutionary age. A new class of
>readers, including African Americans and women,
>put this tradition--the ancient understanding of
>the study of language as the seat of all
>learning--to new uses. By mastering "the art of
>speaking and writing with propriety," ordinary
>readers learned to exercise knowledge of English
>grammar as social power in a society that considered words to be deeds.
>Refreshments will be provided after the paper,
>which will be followed by a dutch-treat dinner
>in Worcester, For further information, or to
>RSVP, please visit the AAS website, at www.americanantiquarian.org.
>Tuesday, November 18, 2008, at 4:30 PM
>Goddard-Daniels House, American Antiquarian Society
>190 Salisbury Street, Worcester, MA
>Paul J. Erickson
>Director of Academic Programs
>American Antiquarian Society

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