I Believe . . . This Makes NO Sense

Doug_Harris cats22 at STNY.RR.COM
Wed Nov 12 22:04:01 UTC 2008

-agnostic -- as in product-agnostic, database-agnostic, vendor-agnostic.
domain-agnostic, and so on.
There seem to be, all of a sudden, an unbelievable, or un-provable, number
of variations on that sense-defying coinage.
Do you suppose 'they' mean, say, product-neutral, as in something that
applies to all products (within a range), or vendor-neutral, as in something
that would be applicable to or good for all vendors?
I first encountered it in a training course for where the context was that
the company aims to "ensure all call-back script is product-agnostic to
avoid any future [confusion]".
Never mind the future: I was confused today!

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