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>from the Urban Dictionary under "snap" (entry 31):

>Pertaining to the Gay snap culture in the 80's. It's used to puncuate
>an insult by snapping the fingers. Today it's used mostly by the young
>black culture
>Girl, I saw your weave at Kmart...OH SNAP (*snaps fingers*)
>  .....

>check out the "In Living Color" "Men on X" sketches (beginning with
>"Men on Film"), in which Damon Wayans and David Alan Grier play two
>flamboyantly effeminate gay men reviewing films, tv, etc.  almost
>every sketch had finger-snapping accompanying the opinions.

"Snap!" is the favorite interjection of the character Joy on "My Name Is
Earl." Joy is a redneck, trailer-trash white woman.

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