"stock full of" < "chock full of"

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Sun Apr 26 01:35:10 UTC 2009

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I first noted this in a fan convention announcement:
Fan run and for fans, the convention has succeeded year after year to
bring anime and gaming funs events such as: a cosplay, anime music
videos, two anime theaters, a video game room, panels, discussions,
workshops, CCGs, miniature events, RPGs, board games, an auction,
extreme geek, Cthulhu, karaoke, an artist ally, contests, free stuff,
Dance Dance revolution, vendors, and more! Stock full of goodness,
with enough events to keep you busy and wanting more- this convention
is a family friendly outing for all ages!

Google lists 10,900 raw hits for “stock full of”. Most of them are
unrelated, like
  A Broken Stock Full of Promise [Motley Fool]
  Dad’s Root Beer bottles, all new old stock full of original product
  Cream of potato & leek soup made with our very own delicious stock
(full of flavour)

But there are a few real hits on the first couple of pages:

IGN: The House of the Dead: Overkill Review
Feb 5, 2009 … The interface is stock full of huge poster art,
character cut-outs, screen shakes and film scratches.
  [this could be a deliberate pun]

Xtreme Tek – Dumbass Database – Stock Full of Dumbass
  [site for stories about dumbness]

Areas such as Georgetown South and that area of manassas are stock
full of mexicans. There seems to be somewhat of a drug problem in
manassas. ...
Dirt = manassas = mexicans

Mark Mandel

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