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I pronounce "tilde" (~) with a short e, TIL-deh ~tilde rather than TIL-duh ~tildu. says TIL-duh.

Lately I've been thinking that "the", the most common word in English, is more often said with a short e than short u, ~the rather than ~thu. says short u.  Granted it's a fleeting word and not a big deal, but since "the" is the most used word in English, it's interesting if you're counting phonemes.

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> Benjamin Barrett wrote:
>> Are there any words spoken by a majority of the public in the US that
>> end in an open "e"? It didn't even occur to me to consider such a
>> difference, but yes, I intended "for tay."
> the only one i can think of right now is "meh"
> well then i guess "feh" too...
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