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>I don't know how many of you are aware of a multi-volume
>encyclopedia published about 1946 with aritcles written by
>knowledgable specialists. The article on the Comic strip was written
>by  Al Capp himself.
>In Lil' Abner the location can be deduced by the recurring gags
>about kickapoo joy juice, the Kickapoos once lived on the coast land
>of the Big Thicket country in East Texas. Some say they were the
>Indians that Sam Houston stayed with when he "went native" for a few
>Lower Slobbovia is in the Balkans in the Albania-Macedonia highlands.
>The most famous references are to Daisy May, Abner's companera.

Daisy Mae, as in Mae West.


>First is to a low-crowned hat made of blue denim worn for fatigue
>duty by soldier's prior to 1941.
>The most widely used for many yeara meaning of Daisy Mays, was for
>the chopped off at crotch blue denim jeans.
>Now, since the rowdy Dukes of Hazzard TV series of the eighties,
>they are known as Daisy Dukes.  Notorious for showing almost as much
>cheek as a tank suit, they were featured on Jessica Simpson most
>Charles Franklin Carter
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