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I don't know how many of you are aware of a multi-volume encyclopedia published about 1946 with aritcles written by knowledgable specialists. The article on the Comic strip was written by  Al Capp himself. 
In Lil' Abner the location can be deduced by the recurring gags about kickapoo joy juice, the Kickapoos once lived on the coast land of the Big Thicket country in East Texas. Some say they were the Indians that Sam Houston stayed with when he "went native" for a few years.
Lower Slobbovia is in the Balkans in the Albania-Macedonia highlands.
The most famous references are to Daisy May, Abner's companera. 
First is to a low-crowned hat made of blue denim worn for fatigue duty by soldier's prior to 1941. 
The most widely used for many yeara meaning of Daisy Mays, was for the chopped off at crotch blue denim jeans. 
Now, since the rowdy Dukes of Hazzard TV series of the eighties, they are known as Daisy Dukes.  Notorious for showing almost as much cheek as a tank suit, they were featured on Jessica Simpson most recently.
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