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At 12:08 PM -0800 1/31/09, James A. Landau <JJJRLandau at netscape.com> wrote:
>Atlantic City Press, Saturday 31 Jan 2009 page B2 column 1:
>"The producers of "American Idol" apologized Thursday on behalf of
>its [sic] judges,

why [sic]?  Isn't "American Idol" the antecedent rather than the
show's producers?

>  who apparently misinterpreted what a contestant in Louisville, Ky.
>said after a failed audition.  On his way out, Mark Mudd said: "Take
>care and be careful."  Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell took that as a
>threat.  It turns out that "be careful" is a regional parting
>Not an expression I'm familiar with, and I'm from Louisville.

Regional?  Or influenced by the remarks of Sgt. Esterhaus on the late
NBC cop show "Hill Street Blues", which always ended with his closing
comment "Hey, let's be careful out there"?  (The show wasn't set in
Louisville, but his remark became pretty widely known, maybe more so
after the actor who played the sergeant died.)


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