Contraception at Revere High School

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Sun Sep 6 19:44:49 UTC 2009

Boston Globe, September 6, page B1:

Birth control battle in Revere
Vote is sought to halt distribution at school
By Stephen Rosenberg

"Kathleen Magno isn't resting this Labor Day weekend.  Her city
decided earlier this year to allow contraception at Revere High
School, and now she wants voters to reverse the program on the
November ballot."

Later, the article says "The referendum would ask voters to
temporarily suspend distribution at the school and create an advisory
council to study the risks and benefits of contraception and
abstinence."  If the measure reaches the ballot and passes, the
council would make a recommendation on the program to the Revere
School Committee, which implemented the contraception distribution
program last winter.

Lends itself to all sorts of satire and bad jokes:

I'm shocked, shocked that contraception is going on the back rooms of
Rick's -- I mean, Revere High School.
As part of its mandate to educate, is the high school presently
providing instruction?
How does Magno dare to oppose a program of immaculate conception?
Is Magno laboring this weekend as a consequence of the implementation
of the program "last winter", now about nine months ago?
Wouldn't reversing the program condone unnatural acts?

I'm looking forward to the conceptions of the wits on this list.



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