Contraception at Revere High School

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I didn't read far enough!  On an inside page is:

"But the policy infuriates Magno and others such as the Rev. George
Szal of Revere's Immaculate Conception [Was I prescient or what?]
Parish. ... 'I think it's a big mistake,' said Szal. ... 'And the
fact of the matter is condoms don't always work; they leak. And the
kids discover you lose half the pleasure when you're using an
instrument like that.' ... [But School Superintendent Paul Dakin
saud] 'You're not going to stop a 16-year old. ... Once they bite of
the fruit, they're not going back.'"

The article writer invariably uses "contraception" when -- I belive
-- he should be using "contraceptives".  When he quotes or
paraphrases someone else who used one of these two words (3
instances), they invariably said "contraceptives".

(Szal is apparently a frequent speaker about reproductive matters.)
I will refrain from jokes about instruments.


At 9/6/2009 03:44 PM, Joel S. Berson wrote:
>Boston Globe, September 6, page B1:
>Birth control battle in Revere
>Vote is sought to halt distribution at school
>By Stephen Rosenberg
>"Kathleen Magno isn't resting this Labor Day weekend.  Her city
>decided earlier this year to allow contraception at Revere High
>School, and now she wants voters to reverse the program on the
>November ballot."
>Later, the article says "The referendum would ask voters to
>temporarily suspend distribution at the school and create an advisory
>council to study the risks and benefits of contraception and
>abstinence."  If the measure reaches the ballot and passes, the
>council would make a recommendation on the program to the Revere
>School Committee, which implemented the contraception distribution
>program last winter.
>Lends itself to all sorts of satire and bad jokes:
>I'm shocked, shocked that contraception is going on the back rooms of
>Rick's -- I mean, Revere High School.
>As part of its mandate to educate, is the high school presently
>providing instruction?
>How does Magno dare to oppose a program of immaculate conception?
>Is Magno laboring this weekend as a consequence of the implementation
>of the program "last winter", now about nine months ago?
>Wouldn't reversing the program condone unnatural acts?
>I'm looking forward to the conceptions of the wits on this list.
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