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Ellen's pronuciation of "shawty" changes the "t" to a "d".  SHAW-dee ~shaudee.  I think that's the majority form in USA, but perhaps not in UK.  She does a good job with the "awe" vowel.  Some folks (awe-droppers) don't say "awe" any more, replacing it with "ah".  So "shawty" would become "shoddy", Which would be a shoddy way of saying shawty.

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> I think Ellen went to high school at least in a New Orleans suburb --
> I'm trying to remember which one: either Kenner or Metairie. I
> believe she also lived in New Orleans for a bit (a New Orleans friend
> remembers Ellen showing up at her brother's band gigs to check out
> the girls).
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>>Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 13:47:04 -0400
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>>Well, Ellen [sic] is a native of East Texas, born in Palestine, reared
>>in Karnak, IIRC, a "suburb" - I apply this term laughingly - of my own
>>birthplace of Marshall. It's difficult to scrub the regional or ethnic
>>schmutz out of your speech entirely.
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