Query: What does "rone" mean in "The Rafters Song"?

Cohen, Gerald Leonard gcohen at MST.EDU
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I've been asked the meaning of "rone" in "The Rafters Song" (words below; see last line of fourth verse).  OED online has several entrees for "rone," but none contains an appropriate meaning.  The term is not in DARE, and I don't find an appropriate meaning in the Engliish Dialect Dictionary.  A search of Google doesn't help.  Nathaniel 'Stub' Borders was an Ozarks figure, and he wrote his song about 1940.

I'm completely stumped.  Would anyone have any ideas on what "rone" below means?

G. Cohen

Tie Rafters Song

by Nathaniel 'Stub' Borders

Good morning, Papa, Hello Son,

Now I'm goin' to tell you

What the Rafters done

They left Edensville

Just a quarter till one

And they made Pike's Defeat

By the setting of sun, by the setting of sun

And they made Pike's Defeat

By the setting of sun.

I got up next morning

And it looked like rain

Just around the bend, I thought

I spied a passenger train

When I came to find out,

It was Jim and Perry

Just a raisin' my rone

Jim reported to his stern hand

He had troubles of his own.

Mamma, Mamma, I can't see

How these rafters get a full reputation

In a first degree.

Hush up, Baby, don't you cry

The next papa that you have

Will be a rafter man

T.N.Borders is a brave Riveree

He told his brother Davie

That he need not to fear

"All I want you to do at Three Islands

Is to snub her hard"

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