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M Covarrubias mcovarru at PURDUE.EDU
Fri Sep 18 06:35:03 UTC 2009

On Sep18, 2009, at 2:17 AM, Tom Zurinskas wrote:

> Saying that it's a short i but sounds like a long e does not make
> sense.

it does if you pay attention to his explanation. you're confusing 2
1. your perception of the sound waves in context
2. the vocal articulation of the vowel

when you know that those two are separate, you'll understand what
nathan means when he says that it can sound similar to one thing but
be another.

this may not convince you, (i'm sure it won't) but we can hope that
any readers who are interested in learning will trust an educated
analysis will over your obstinate insistence that linguistics hasn't
caught up to your instincts.

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