long e - short i sounds

Tom Zurinskas truespel at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Sep 21 19:58:39 UTC 2009

Audiopal.com is a good way to put sound files into this forum.  It can be used with own voice over telephone or computer mic.

This program also has a text to speech processor.  You can hear the difference between long e and short i in the words I typed.  The words are below:

I am thin I think.  Think thin.  The king has a kin.  King kin.  It’s a sin when you sing.  Sing sin.  Tingle, tinted.   Teen English  Tin India..


short i    long e

thin        think
kin         king
sin         sing
tinted      tingle
tin         teen
India       English

The sound file should automatically play when site is brought up.

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