1983/1984 "the full Monty" antedating

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At 9/25/2009 11:09 AM, Baker, John wrote:
>         Excellent work, Stephen.  Joel, perhaps you already know this,
>but prior to the 1997 movie "full monty" was not particularly associated
>with nudity.

My restaurant is 10 years old, and so postdates the movie.

The only serious part of my comment was the (unasked) question --
does anyone know what the use of "full monty" in the names of these
fish and chips shops means?  Fully dressed in the culinary sense?  An
extensive menu of selections? Or what?

I too congratulate Stephen, in case I overlooked that.


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>At 9/25/2009 09:40 AM, Stephen Goranson wrote:
> >Earlier currency is app. implied by the following names of fish and
> >chip
> >shops:
> >  1982 Yellow Pages: Manchester North 264/3 Full Monty Chippy The, 30
> >Townley St, Middleton..Fullmonty Chippy, 61 Radclyffe St, Chadderton.]
>Did they serve their fish fully dressed or totally naked?  (There are
>also several "Naked Fish" restaurants, including one in nearby
>Lexington, Mass., which claims it is "more than just a restaurant:
>it's a distinct philosophy about both food preparation and the
>environment in which diners enjoy their meals.")
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