William Safire dead at 79

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At 3:37 PM -0500 9/27/09, Cohen, Gerald Leonard wrote:
>Yes, Safire was a very valuable link between academia and the
>general public on matters of lexicography, and (bless him)
>etymology.  I particularly recall him frequently promoting the
>Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE), and his assistants
>must have been in contact with a dozen or so American Dialect
>Society members about this or that word or expression.  And he gave
>due credit in his columns.
>I hereby express my deep gratitude for all that interaction.
>Gerald Cohen

And not to be ghoulish, but the immediate question now arises:
Will there continue to be an On Language column in the Times Magazine
every Sunday, and if so by whom?


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>Subject: William Safire dead at 79
>Safire, who was 79, died at a hospice in Rockville, Maryland, the
>Times said. An aide to Safire said he had suffered from cancer.
>Safire will be remembered by many of us for trusting us to help him
>with his research, promoting our books in a place of prestige, and
>giving the country a jumping-off point for popular discussions of
>Grant Barrett
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