antedating (?) noogie and tough noogies

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HDAS has 1972 for both.

According to Google Books snippet view:
The Tsaddik of the seven wonders - Page 119
by Isidore Haiblum - Fiction - 1971 - 185 pages [NY: Ballentine]
Naturally, you should expect we'd branch out a bit." "But the whole world?"
Greenberg's great grandson shrugged. "Tough noogies," he said. ...

GB limited view:
The Indian wants the Bronx: a play. By Israel Horovitz 1968 [New York:
Dramatists Play Service]

page 11
JOEY....That's unethical, Pussyface. He owes me noogies, too!
MURPH....Now, I'll give you twenty noogies, so we'll be even. (He raps Joey on
the R. arm. The Indian looks up as Joey squeals.)

page 15
MURPH. You want another noogie?
JOEY. Maybe Turkie wants a noogie or six?
MURPH. ...
Give him his noogie.
JOEY. Naw. He's your friend. You give it to him. ...

( ? not relevant: according to Watkins Gets Foreman Post, Chicago Daily
Defender (Daily Edition) (1960-1973). Chicago, Ill.: Sep 24, 1968. p. 26 James
"Noogie" Watkins was a versatile athlete, finally with the Harlem

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